Why do we fear pain ? Why do we run away from failure ?
It is pain that drives us on…it is fear that gives us reason to live .
Imagine a life without pain and fear…we would never grow…would never learn…to live !
It is the pain of loving someone that makes us love more…it is the fear of losing that person that makes us live more…
Love gives us pain…love gives us fear…
Death overcomes everything….death is a great leveller…
After all this it seems atrange to say this…But why should I love…I’d rather die !!

*When u feel u r alone in a crowd…..When u feel no 1 can understand u..When ur love is rejected by others..& When u hate ur life..
Just close ur eyes & see her face who loves u more than anyonelse..who
cares for u in loneliness & dies for u when u cry…she is no one
but ur sweet loving MOM…Love her more than anyone else in this
world..Bcoz only she was, is and will be there for u all the time..