Afraid of what I see, I struggle to even breathe.
My memories for ever leaving a scar on me, making me drop to my knees.
No matter how hard I try, I feel frail, weak, and afraid to leave my shell.
Forever falling asleep on a pillow full of tears.
My heart feeling brittle, without fail, my blood leaving a trail.
I scream out, Will any one save me from myself, or will I have to continue to fall?’

Falling into the depth of my mind, swallowed by those ghoulies of my memories, afraid to even try to fight back.
I can hear the inconsistent laughter of these demons in my brain, rumbling through my head like a speeding train.

No matter how much I cry, I will never let you see a tear streak down my cheek.
I at least am not weak enough to let you see me, at my breakdowns peak.
After a while of tear streaked pain, I let it be, knowing that I can’t wash it all away, push it away, or wish every bit of it away.

But, I know that it has not completely disappeared, since nothing can ever go away for ever.