Now, this one really shows the darker side of the stars who instantly take success to their heads. Talking about Rimi Sen and her starry airs, the gal had enrolled her name to take part in the Celebrity Squash Tournament, but very abruptly refused to take part later when she got to know that her opponent is not a very known celeb, but just a character actor.

However, her opponent, actor Vikrant Chaudhury is not ready to take it lying down and retorts, “See, big stars always want to get involved in things which is been covered by the media. Rimi would have participated in the competition thinking that other Bollywood personalities would also have been participating and in the process, the tournament would have got media attention. But seeing that the players involved were mostly from television world have irked her and she decided to give me a walkover”.

Vikrant who portrayed the role of the CBI officer Naveen in the recently released Subhash Ghai’s Black and White says, “I was even ready to give her nine handicap points in a game of eleven, then too she didn’t want to play the match.”

Vikrant sure is very hurt and he should be, isn’t it?

rimi sen