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Picture    this. You are  in a tearing  hurry and  you pay off  the taxi guy  as you reach  your  destination.  He gives you  the change,  which you  hastily dump in your purse and rush. Off you go to a shopping mall to buy something. You pay at the counter with the notes you just got from the taxi guy.

The salesperson looks at one of the notes with suspicion and gives you an eerie look. He checks the note against fluorescent blue light, smells, crushes and lick tests it. Yuck! You say in disgust. He declares it fake and asks you for another one.

Standing agape, you demand he takes it. He threatens to call the police. You run for your life.

You better do!

Rakesh Maria, joint police commissioner (crime), Mumbai City, says: “Possession of fake notes is an offence. One Rs 5 fake note is good enough [to be guilty of possession].” Well, now that you have a fake note in possession, you are already in trouble, technically! So what do you do now? Read on. . .

The legal tangle

With revenge on your mind, you determine to palm off the note to some unsuspecting fellow. In fact, if you think of palming off the note, you are not alone.

A quick dipstick survey shows 98 per cent people would do the same. But you better not do that, either.

Maria says, “It is unfortunate that people palm off fake notes. Palming off a fake note knowingly is also an offence.”

You definitely do not want to be caught doing that. In fact, intentionally passing on a fake currency note is a cognisable offence, which could lead to a prison term.

Cursing your fate, you decide to get rid of the bummer right away, but how? A friend who inadvertently received a fake note donated it to a temple. (Another dipstick survey at a few local religious places shows that nearly 20 per cent of donations are in form of either soiled or fake notes.)

That’s too low for you to do. Having run out of options, you march to a local bank, hoping to get an exchange.

The brutal truth

A Reserve Bank of India spokesperson says: “According to the RBI, when a customer takes a counterfeit note to a bank, the bank is supposed to impound it and give the customer an acknowledgement receipt.”

After impounding the note, they will stamp it ‘Counterfeit bank note impounded’ and give you an acknowledgement receipt, even if you refuse to countersign the same. You lose your money since a fake note is never paid for but confiscated.

But that’s not the end of the story.

The bank will file a First Information Report against your name at the local police station. A copy of this FIR is sent to the Forged Banknote Vigilance Cell at the bank’s head office.

The bank will be alert if you try to deposit any fake notes in the future. The police will look into the matter and carry routine investigation in order to get any further leads and zero down on the exact source.

Says Maria: “Crime does not differentiate between class. Even if you are a housewife who inadvertently has a fake note, we can investigate. Once we know that there is no mens rea (criminal intent), we just make a diary entry.”

Following the investigation, if you are found to be an inadvertent victim, the matter ends there.

But let’s get real! Do you, even as a customer who honestly walked into a bank after being palmed off a fake note, want to face the police?

What if you are planning for studies abroad, or an employment visa? Wouldn’t an FIR in your name have a negative influence on visa authorities? “No,” says Maria. However, a source from British consulate says: “. . . on verification, things like this may give a wrong impression about you to visa authorities.”

Are banks remiss?

Newspapers and news channels have been reporting about ATMs dispensing fake notes. Instances of bank staff diluting authentic currency with fakes have been reported, too.

Take the case of the chief cashier of a State Bank of India branch in Domariaganj, who was caught in the Rs 4 crore (Rs 40 million) fake currency scam. Such instances show that even banks can be a source of fake notes these days.

A cashier in a private bank says on the condition of anonymity: “We get customers who bring in fake notes, claiming that our ATM had dispensed it, but since they can’t prove it, we are helpless to do anything about it.”

Stories of banks brushing off responsibility, after dispensing fake notes via ATMs, is not uncommon.

The RBI has taken initiatives to deal with the dispensing of fake notes by ATMs. It has asked banks to set up note-sorting machines at all branches. In future, ATMs might be fitted with in-built detectors for fake currency notes.

The apex bank has proposed to introduce plastic notes, and it is common knowledge that improvisation in security features of the notes is an ongoing process.

Data from the RBI show that 398,111 counterfeit notes were detected during 2008-09 at the Reserve Bank’s offices and branches alone. It goes without saying that there are many more in circulation and the number will only increase.

The best defence is to be vigilant while handling cash, especially with Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes. And of course, pray that you never receive a fake note again!



Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5 September, 1888 in Tirutani, a well-known religious center in the Madras State. He was the second son of Veera Samayya, a tehsildar in a zamindari. It was a middle-class, respectable Hindu Brahmin family. Indeed, the place, the time and the family were most suitable, from every point of view, for the advent of a new philosopher-statesman, so directly needed in those turbulent days of the awakening of a very ancient and glorious nation, drowsy and dormant in its own ignorance and indolence, for reasons well known to all.

The wonderful far-sightedness, open-heartedness and broad-mindedness of his revered and beloved parents, which enabled them, in those days of blind prejudices and equally blind social taboos, to send their son to wellknown, well-managed, well-disciplined Christian educational institutions – stood him in good stead throughout, making it possible for him to acquire specially Occidental qualities like a sense of duty, punctuality, discipline, sobriety and the like, together with specially Oriental qualities of religiosity, calmness, patience, faith in God and men.

Radhakrishnan’s choice of Philosophy as his main or Honors subject in his B.A. degree course was due to a very fortunate accident. At that time, he was really rather baffled as to what particular Honors subject to choose from amongst the possible five, viz., Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Philosophy and History. Then, purely accidentally, and out of a mere boyish curiosity, he read three well-known works on Philosophy, passed on to him by one of his cousins who had that year obtained the B.A. degree with Philosophy Honors; and that definitely decided his future course of studies.

He studied Sanskrit and Hindi also; and had a good deal of interest in the traditional languages of India. He read also the Vedas and the Upanishads with great care and reverence.

In fact, Radhakrishnan was, and is, still today, a reader and a digester in the true sense of the terms. For, what he read – and he read widely and lovingly all kinds of good books – did not remain an exter nal acquisition, an ornamental decoration, with him; but blossomed forth in him in fullest glory and grandeur.

Radhakrishnan was, and still is, one of the most celebrated writers of the present generation. His works are many and varied on philosophical, theological, ethical, educational, social and cultural subjects. He contributed also numerous articles to different well-known journals, which too, will prove to be of immense value to
generations to come.

But what is most felt after reading any of his valuable works or articles is its wonderful liveliness. Truly, his articles are not merely outer expressions of his inner thoughts, but, what is more, infinitely more, emblems and embodiments of his very life – life that merrily dances forth in the fortuitous, zigzag way of the world, removing all its obstacles in its own inner irresistible urge and boundless boldness. Hence, it is that his works, written in an incredibly simple, sublime, soft and serene way, are so very enchanting, enlivening, exhilarating to all. As a matter of fact, as is well known, it is very difficult to express very abstract and abstruse philosophical thoughts in easily intelligible and enchantingly sweet language. But Dr. Radhakrishnan, like the great and revered Rabindranath, is one of the few who could accomplish this apparently impossible feat. That is why his philosophical writings are not ordinary scholarly dissertations, but also melodious poetical perfections of great and permanent value.

Dr. Radhakrishnan is, indeed, a versatile genius – a great scholar, a great philosopher, a great seer, a great writer, a great orator, a great statesman, a great administrator, all combined.

Jawaharlal Nehru, who was one of his closest friends throughout, said about Radhakrishnan: “I join you in paying my tribute to our President, Dr. Radhakrishnan. He has served his country in many capacities. But above all, he is a great Teacher from whom all of us have learnt much and will continue to learn. It is India’s peculiar privilege to have a great philosopher, a great educationist and a great humanist as her President. That in itself shows the kind of men we honor and respect”.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “Adams”, meaning “unconquerable”. Ancient Greeks believed that diamond were splinters of stars fallen to earth and that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds which have magic that nothing else can quite equal.

Since the very beginning, diamonds have been linked to legend and romance. Their sparkle, their uniqueness, their indestructibility makes them the eternal symbol of love the ultimate seal on the promise of marriage.

The exact origin of diamond is still a mystery. Diamonds were born in the fiery depths of the earth more than 3 million years ago. Diamond is a transparent jewel made of carbon. The formation of diamonds began very early in the earth’s history, when the condensation of solid matter into a sphere caused the centre of the planet to become subjected to incredible extremes of temperatures and pressure.

It was these conditions that caused deposits of carbon to begin to crystallize deep in the earth. As the earth’s surface cooled, volcanic activities forced streams of magna (liquid rock) to the surface, carrying with it the diamond crystals.

Diamonds are the hardest, the most imperishable, and the brilliant of all precious stones. The atomic structure of a diamond gives it the property of being the hardest substance known to man, natural or synthetic. Even after many years of constant wear, diamonds will preserve their sharp edges and corners when most other stones will have become worn and chipped.

However, many people expect a diamond to be unbreakable. This is not true. A diamond’s crystal structure has “hard” and “soft” direction. A blow of sufficient force, in a very exact direction, can crack, chip, split or even shatter diamond.

Diamonds are forever. A diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and the best compliment that a man can pay to a woman. A symbol of engagement, hope, faith, commitment, diamonds express feelings about yourself or for someone close to your heart. A sign of wealth, diamonds will give you a special pride of ownership. It is silent compliment of love and success.

Diamond epitomize value and they are lifelong reminders of love and attachment. And having sealed a bond for one generation, they can be passed unblemished to the next. A true link between the past and future for eternity.

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Hutchings High School
Hutchings High School, at 7 Phayre Road, is situated in a very serene environment. It is a Co-Educational institution affiliated to the ICSE (Delhi) board. The School is one of the top ranking schools in Pune with a history of 125 years. With a strength of approximately 1700 students, it caters to classes from Pre-Nursery upto and including Std.X. Hutchings has a very well qualified staff who are completely dedicated to their teaching. Hutchings has maintained a consistent record of strict discipline and lofty ideals. The teachers inculcate Indian values amongst the students.

Hutchings encourages students to participates in sports which helps them in their all-round development. The school boasts of multiple playgrounds. It has a football team, a basket ball team and a throw ball team.
The school houses a well stocked library, three modern science labs and a computer lab.

The School is divided into two distinct campuses. One caters to the primary school (Class Pre-Nursery to Class III) and the middle school cum high school for std IV to std.X
The school has a choir where students with an ear for music are trained to sing. The school choir participates in the interschool Christmas Contata. Music classes are an inherent part of the curriculum as are physical training classes. SUPW or Socially Useful Productive Work, is a subject in Xth Std. This makes the children aware of their social and moral obligations towards society.

The school has a lot of trees whithin and around its campus. The in-house birds such as turkeys, ducks and geese add a natural touch to the ambience.

Anita Methodist Matriculation & Higher Secondary School
Co-educational higher secondary school in Chennai; affiliated to the Board of Matriculation Schools of Tamil Nadu; also an accredited institution of the Methodist Church in India; facilities include 3 science laboratories, computer centre etc

Apeejay School
Senior secondary co-educational school in Kolkata run by the Apeejay group; follows the CBSE syllabus; has branches in Park Street & Salt Lake

Bal Bharati Public School
Private educational institution in New Delhi owned by Child Education Society (CES); oldest among the chain of Bal Bharati Public Schools all over India; affiliated to CBSE; has classes from pre-primary to XII

Bangalore International School
School owned and run by the parents of students currently enrolled at the school; offers IGCSE, IB, GC AS & A level; University of Cambridge local examination centre; has classes from pre-primary to XIIth; hostel facility for students above 10 years

Bethany High
Higher secondary co-educational school in Bangalore; conducts ICSE at class X & ISC exams at class XII in March every year; has a special school for physically & mentally challenged children; provides hostel facilities for boys & girls
Special Needs

BG Academy
School in Wakad, Pune started by the Walchand Industries Charitable Trust; affiliated to the CBSE board; runs classes from pre-primary to Std X

BGS International Residential School
Co-educational, day cum residential school situated near Bangalore; founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji; affiliated to CBSE, NIOS, SSLC & Karnataka pre-university levels; has classes from pre-school to Xth

Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan’s Prominent School
Co-educational, English medium, day school; run by Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan in collaboration with Prominent Educational Society; situated in Indore; following CBSE syllabus upto std VIIIth; started in 2004-05

Birla High School
School in Kolkata founded by L.N. Birla in 1941; affiliated to the CBSE board; has separate sections for juniors, seniors and girls

Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore
Day cum residential boys school in Bangalore run by the Karnataka Central Diocese of the Church of South India; runs classes from LKG to Std XII; courses culminate in the ICSE (Std X) and ISC (Std XII)

Mahindra United World College of India
Residential school in 170 acres near the Sahyadri mountains in Mulshi, Pune, offering the Diploma programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation; has students from over 75 countries

Mayo College
Boys’ school in Ajmer, Rajasthan, founded in 1870 by Richard Southwell Brouke for sons of aristocrats; prepares students for AISSE & AISSCE exams of CBSE; offers science, commerce & humanities streams

Mercedes-Benz International School (MBIS)
Co-educational school with boarding facility run by Mercedes-Benz Education Academy (MBEA) in Hinjawadi, Pune; offers primary & middle years programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation; caters to expatriates living in India, & NRIs

Pathways World School
Northern India’s leading international, co-educational, day cum residential school offering IB & IGCSE curriculum (IB PYP, Pathways Middle School Programme, IGCSE, IB Diploma); has 1,200 students from nursery to XII; located in Gurgaon

Sharad Pawar International School, Pune
Co-educational, day cum residential international school in Pune owned by D Y Patil Group; offers PYP in Junior school, IGCSE in Middle school, & IB Diploma; grades 10 & 12 will open in 2007

The American Embassy School
School in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi providing American education to children of American embassy personnel, world organisation officials & international businessmen; accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

The Doon School
Reputed residential public school in Dehra Dun, considered to be among the best 10 schools in the world; owned by Indian Public Schools’ Society (IPSS) & affiliated to CISCE; prepares students for ICSE & ISC exams, & will offer IB Diploma from 2007

The Lawrence School, Sanawar
Reputed residential, co-educational public school in Himachal Pradesh, founded by Sir Henry and Lady Honoria Lawrence; affiliated to CBSE; prepares children for AISSE & AISSCE exams

The Shri Ram School
Co-educational private school established in 1988; school has 3 campuses — Vasant Vihar (New Delhi), and Aravali & DLF campuses in Gurgaon, Haryana; prepares students for ICSE & ISC exams; offers IB Diploma Course since 2005

Vishwashanti Gurukul World School
School established by MAEER’s MIT at Rajbaug, Pune, based on the ancient Indian Guru-shishya tradition; affiliated to IBO (Geneva) for its Middle Years & Diploma programmes, & to IGCSE, Cambridge; has boarding facilities

Delhi Public School (DPS), R.K. Puram
Co-educational day-cum-boarding school in R.K. Puram, New Delhi; affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); the DPS runs 130 schools in India & abroad

Private educational institution consisting of 72 institutions spread over 22 campuses, the main ones being in New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon; site has info about its undergraduate, postgraduate, executive, distance learning and international programmes
Educational Organisations
Engineering Colleges

Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust
Voluntary organization in Delhi rendering rehabilitative services to people with disabilities; runs a school in Delhi & another in Gwalior offering education, medical care, vocational training, child guidance & self-employment
Special Needs

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan <
Premier organization in India administering 929 schools known as Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools); caters mainly to the educational needs of children of transferable Central government personnel
Educational Organisations

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti <
Autonomous organisation set up to manage co-educational, residential schools from Std VI to XII known as Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs); runs 557 schools in 34 states & Union Territories; affiliated to CBSE; education is totally free
Educational Organisations

The Cathedral & John Connon School
Co-educational school in Mumbai; run by the Anglo Scottish Education Society; provides ICSE curriculum upto Std X & ISC curriculum upto std XII; also offers an AP programme of the College Board of the USA

American School of Bombay
Co-educational IB World School at Bandra, Mumbai; offers Primary Years & Middle Years Programmes, & Diploma of International Baccalaureate Organisation; follows an American curriculum & caters mainly to children of employees of consulates, MNCs etc

DSB International School
Co-educational, non-profit international school in Breach Candy, Mumbai, with children from over 20 nationalities; provides English National Curriculum & German curriculum (NRW); caters to students from kindergarten to year 8 (13 years)

École Mondiale World School
B World School in Mumbai offering Primary Years & Middle Years Programmes, & IB Diploma; also offers IGCSE courses

G.D. Goenka World School
School founded by Mr. A.K. Goenka in 60 acres of land at the foot of Aravali hills, Gurgaon (a satellite city of Delhi); affiliated to CBSE & IB (Geneva), & prepares students for Cambridge ‘O’ & ‘A’ level exams; has boarding facilities

Abacus Montessori school
Co-educational school in Chennai; has classes upto Std X; affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations; continues to base its approach on Montessori Philosophy

Adarsh Public School
Co-educational, English medium Senior Secondary school in Vikas Puri, New Delhi, founded by Dr. Bhagat Ram; follows the CBSE curriculum & offers courses in Humanities, Commerce & Science; has a branch at Bali Nagar

Agarwal Public School
Co-educational school in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, with classes from nursery to XII; affiliated to CBSE & offers mathematics, biology & commerce streams at Senior Secondary level; has residential facilities only for boys; owned by Agarwal Group

Agarwal Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Higher secondary school established in 1980 by the Agarwal Relief and Education Trust in Chennai; affiliated to State Matriculation Board; apart from academics, it also provides physical education, art education, vocal & instumental music etc

AGP Public School
Co-educational school in Aurangabad; affiliated to the CBSE, ICSE, State Board & IB ; has classes from nursery to standard VIII; activities include arts & crafts, fabric painting, yoga & other sports activities

Ahlcon Public School
Co-educational, senior secondary English medium school established in 1988 by Shanti Devi Progressive Education Society; located in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi; follows CBSE curriculum; offers AISSE & AISSCE for Std X and XII

All Saints’ High School
Catholic Christian minority institution established in 1885 in Hyderabad; managed by Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel; has a fee-free Telugu medium unit for economically weaker students

Alpha Group of Institutions
Group managed by the Alpha Educational Society formed in 1967, running 4 educational institutions in Chennai: Alpha Matriculation Secondary School & Higher Secondary School, Alpha Arts & Science College, & College of Engineering
Engineering Colleges
Educational Organisations

Amber Valley Residential School (AVRS)
Residential, co-educational school owned by S.V.G.H. Education Trust, set in 40 acres in Chikmagalur, 240 kms from Bangalore; autonomous private institution started in 2004 with classes from 1-7 standards; follows ICSCE curriculum

American International School, Chennai
International school in Chennai; serves children of the U.S. government, other U.S. citizens as well as students of all other nationalities; accredited by CIS & MSA; offers courses in French & Spanish languages

Woodstock School
International, residential, co-educational K-12 school located in Mussoorie, also offers an ESL
program. Details mission, aims and academic programs.

Amity Schools and Colleges
Amity University site, offers an overview of the facilities and opportunities provided by the many Amity colleges and universities around India.

Kodaikanal International School
An old and well-known school offering the IB, situated at an elevation of 7,000 feet in the Palani Hills. Contains pictures and information on recent events, as well as information for parents of prospective students.

New Era High School, Panchgani
Co-ed, Baha’i institution placing emphasis on moral as well as academic training, including components of social service.

Pathways World School
Offers information on academics (IB and University of Cambridge), extra and co-curricular activities, and the school’s campus and facilities.

Jain International Residential School
Located in Bangalore. Provides details of the school, including staff, admissions and location.

The International School Bangalore
Follows the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaurate Organisation fused with elements of the UK National Curriculum, leading to IGCSE exams. Offers boarding. Details curriculum and facilities.

The Canadian School of India, Bangalore
Co-educational kindergarten through 12th grade school offering International Baccalaureate and the Canadian high school curriculums. Provides a virtual tour of the facilities, information on the faculty and their qualifications, and a section for students, with selected links for suitable online research resources.

American Embassy School
Located on twelve acres in the heart of the diplomatic community of New Delhi. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Provides overview of elementary, middle and high schools.

American School of Bombay
Located in Mumbai (Bombay). Curriculum includes the Primary Years and Middle Years Programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

American International School – Chennai
Offers a US style educational program from preschool through grade 12. Presents an overview of the campus, faculty profiles, admissions policies, a fee schedule, and applications.

GD Goenka World School
Located in the foothills of the Aravalli Hills, near Delhi. Provides various international programs and exams. Provides general overview of the school.

Deutsche School of Bombay
Offers information on the school, location, academic curriculum, and calendar of events.

Good Shepherd International School
Christian school located in Ootacamund (Ooty). Details curriculum, facilities and fees.

British School in New Delhi
Follows the British curriculum and caters to an international body of students. Details of curriculum and admission procedure with fee structure. Also provides resources for students like a message board and alumni area.

International School of Hyderabad
Follows the British National Curriculum and caters to expatriate and Indian children between the ages of three and seventeen living in Hyderabad. General information, curriculum, events and photos.

Hebron School
An independent, international Christian residential school situation in the hill station of Ootacamund, or Udagamandalam (Ooty). Provides and prospectus along with news, calendar and photos.

Chinmaya International Residential School
Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Information on the history, philosophy, management and facilities of the school. Includes application procedures.

The Schram Academy
An CBSE School in Chennai, striving for an international education in an Indian context. Includes a photo slide show and information on academics, cocurricular activities, faculty, and other aspects of the school.

Indus International School, Bangalore
Offers both residential and day scholar programs under the International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, and ICSE boards. Provides information on the school’s philosophy, as well as information on fees, application procedures, and school facilities.

Oakridge International School
Offers the International Baccalaureate diploma program. Courses from pre-elementary to 10th grade. Located in Hyderabad, India

Swaminarayan Gurukuk International School
International residential school in Chharodi, India

Doon International School, Dehradun
A co-educational, day and residential school, situated in the Dehradun Valley. Sections on facilities, admission procedure, fees, alumni available.

Mercedes-Benz International School
English-medium school to educate the children of employees of locally based international companies as well as the children of internationally minded Indian parents. Details of curriculum and admission procedure.

Lexicon International School, Pune
Offers information on what sets the school apart, including a focus on an IT-integrated curriculum for students and a Wi-Fi-enabled campus. School follows the CBSE and IB curricula.

Lotus Valley International School
Located near Delhi, offers options for International Baccalaureate, and ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels, as well as CBSE. Provides information on philosophy and learning model, facilities and location as well as fee structure.

Ahmedabad International School
General information along with details of curriculum.

The Cambridge School
Offers classes from nursery to 12th grade. Affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations, University of Cambridge, UK. Located in Kolkata. Offers details about the school, including fees.

Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer School
Provides information on curriculum, facilities, activities, and residential / day-scholar options.

Dalhousie Hill-Top School
The school was established in the year 1979 and has grown to over 250 children in grades 1 to 10.

Pearl International Public School
Entirely residential international school with innovative teaching philosophies and practices. Includes information on the hostels, academic philosophies and ideals, information for international travellers, and extensive communications facilities for students.

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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
We are located on Main DH Road, Joka, Kolkata.
Courses :
Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Computer Aided Management
– pgpadmissions at

The MBA program is offered by the world-famous Industrial & Management(IME) department of IIT Kanpur. Selection of Indian students is through a rigorous All-India entrance test followed by GD &PI. This program is open only to engineering/ tech/ architecture graduates with min 60% marks. For foreign students, selection is on GMAT scores and prior background.
Courses :
Full-Time 2 yr MBA program and a part-time 3-yr MBA program for working professionals
– headime at

Great Lakes Institute of Management
Great Lakes Institute of Management aims to seek, mould, polish and develop leaders with changing times. Based on its discipline based core courses it moulds the students to become “Masters of Business Readiness” by a dynamic curriculum of customer – centric electives providing synergies, enriching tradition with innovation, processes, technology and intellectual capital.Great Lakes Institute of Management Located at Srinagar Colony, Off Raj Bhavan Road, 24, South Mada Street, Chennai – 600015, India, we are affiliated with Stuart School of Business, Illinios Institute of Technology Chicago, USA.
Courses :
Post Graduate Program in Management
Special Offers:
One year accelerated learning program
– info at

Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management
Located at Calcutta, India beside Calcutta Univeristy, Presidency College & Hindu Hostel we were the first B-School of India established in 1953. Admissions to all courses are through national exams, GMAT & GRE for foreign students.
Courses :
Masters in Human Resource Management, Masters in Business Administration, Public Systems Management, Bio-Informatics, Sports Management etc.
– iiswbm at

Shailesh J Mehta School of Management ,IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay (Mumbai), founded in 1958, has established itself as a premier world class teaching and research institution in technology and interdisciplinary programmes. Shailesh J Mehta School of Management leads the way in preparing its Graduates to respond to the new challenges by drawing on the varied intellectual resources of IIT Bombay and providing an outstanding and innovative program in management education.
Courses :
Management Full time Master of Management programme (a unique feature of the program is that apart from the regular courses on Finance, Accounting, Operations and HR, SJM SOM prepares for technology management with core courses like Technology Policy, R&D Management and Managing technology transfer. Executive Education (MDP – Management Development Programmes).
– admissions at

Punjab College of Technical Education
Punjab College of Technical Education The institute is located at industrial hub of India, Ludhiana. The institute started functioning in Aug 1999. Presently it is running MBA, MCA, BBA and BCA, Ph.D. programs. PCTE has been rated best institute of Punjab, Himachal and J&K by AIMA and Business India survey.
MBA Master of Business Administration, BBA Bachelor of Business Administration, MCA Master of Computer Applications, BCA and Ph.D. programs
– info at

School of Management – Department of Management Studies
School of Management- Department Of Management Studies, Pondicherry University, Kalapet, Pondicherry 605014. The Pondicherry University was established in October 1985 by the Government of India through an Act of Parliament. Being a Central University it is fully supported by the University Grants Commission. SOM- DMS is located in Pondicherry University Campus facing the Bay Of Bengal, on a 750 acres campus.
MBA, Specialisation offered; Systems, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Finance. Ph.D in Management -Full-time or Part-time (Internal & External). MBA in Tourism, MBA in Banking Technology
– svn at

M P Birla Institute of Management
M P Birla Institute of Management (MPBIM), Associate Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is a premier management institution located in Bangalore. The 2-year full time MBA programme of MPBIM is affiliated to the Bangalore University and approved by the All India Council for Technical Eduation (AICTE) and has been designed to develop managers for the future. This Programme provides the student executives a platform to imbibe procedural, theoretical and applied aspects of management.
The MPBIM MBA Program, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification courses 1 through 4, Cisco “I-Executive” program
The Two-year full time MBA programme of MPBIM is affiliated to the Bangalore University and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and has been designed to develop managers for the future. This Programme provides the student executives a platform to imbibe procedural, theoretical and applied aspects of management.
– admission at

FORE School of Management
Foundation for Organizational Research and Education (FORE) is a center of excellence in Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy in the Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, India. FORE concerns itself with overall development of managers of the new millennium. Hence, the faculty and students are encouraged to take active participation in all events both academic and otherwise. Strong emphasis is laid on external exposure, students are encouraged to take up on-line research projects in conjunction with their specialization, over and above the curriculum.
PGDBM ( FT ) -2 years, PGDBM (PT) -3 years, MCA -3 years, M.SC (IBM) – 1 year, MBA -2 years PT in affiliation with The Nottingham Trent University, UK
– admissions at

Indian School of Business
Business Management School in India, Research-oriented Institution in Hyderabad offering Indian Business schools, Post Graduate Programme in Management, Executive Education Programs India, Asia b-schools, short-duration management courses, Customized executive programmes, MBA Degrees Hyderabad, Doctoral programs in Business Management, Research based Business Management Institution, Business Management Institute.
Post Graduate, Executive and Doctoral programs, short-duration management courses, Customized executive programmes for students and executives.
– admissions at

Smt. J.D. Birla Institute
Smt. J.D. Birla Institute Department of Business Administration in Kolkata is affiliated to Jadavpur University. J D Birla Institute has gained a reputation as a premier Institute in Eastern India, and is continuously striving to build its reputation, good will and image on a national level. Keeping in tune with the upcoming trends, it aims to establish itself as one of the best Business Schools of Eastern India, the Institute has introduced its latest Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Course, affiliate to the Jadavpur University, recognized by the UGC. Jadavpur University is recognized as a university with a potential for excellence and is awarded a grade of Five Stars. It is a co-educational BBA Honours Course unlike the other courses of the institute, and so allows the students to be trained in a healthy, competitive environment that stimulates a real world situation. On completion of the three years course, covering six semesters the students will be awarded a BBA Honours Degree by the Jadavpur University, which would be recognized throughout India and abroad.
BBA with specialisation in Marketing and Finance.

Aegis School of Business
Aegis School of Business in Navi Mumbai is headed by Thor Hendrickson, who is a BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and an MBA from London Business School (LBS), UK. Holder of multiple design and engineering patents, he is a leading consultant in New Product Development. Dean Hendrickson’s team developed the Aegis School of Business Mumbai MBA with the help of Indian managers and human resource directors of top firms such as Oracle, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bharti. The result is a one year Full-Time MBA Programme designed to accelerate the careers of young, motivated professionals impatient to achieve success.
One year Full-Time MBA Programme, the most international MBA programme in India.
Key Points:
– One of only five top one year MBA programmes in India as per the Economics Times along with ISB, IIM Ahmdebad and SP Jain
– The most international MBA programme in India
– Over 50 percent of courses taught by Western faculty
– International academic alliance with Instituto de Empresa (IE), ranked 8th in the world according to the Economist
– The most cost effective programme in its league with total tuition fee of $4000.
+ 91 (0)93 2252 5977
– admission at

Institute of Business Studies & Research
Institute of Business Studies & Research (IBSAR) is a multi disciplinary business school in Navi Mumbai focusing on actionable business programs. We ensure that our education is at all times relevant to business. We deliver well trained business leaders and managers who are able to influence across organizational boundaries. We are fully committed to high quality research. We continuously invest in research activities and recruitment of academic leaders in fields such as strategy, OB, Finance, Marketing, Retail, Operations, General Management and IT.
Master of International Business (MIB), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and BBA/B.Tech full time programs.
For Admission contact :
– (+91) 09224296496 / 09224471811
– info at

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies
SIMS – the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies – has been established by the nationally renowned Symbiosis Group. Under the MoU with Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, admission to its full time MBA programmes is primarily for dependents of Armed Forces personnel and those sponsored by industry. SIMS is a constituent of the prestigious Symbiosis International University and the college is an ISO 9001:2000 quality certified management institute and a top-tier provider of business education across the spectrum.

We seek students who are responsible and highly motivated so that SIMS can nurture and train them for success. The course design and pedagogy equips our students to lead complex organizations in a cross-continental environment. Innovative teaching methodology, experienced faculty, a structured industry interface, a fully integrated contemporary campus; all contribute to the making of the future-ready manager graduating from SIMS. For young men and women from a defence environment and an industry background, SIMS is second home. For leading organizations, it is the preferred choice.

Admissions to MBA batch of 2007-09 are strictly in conformity with MOU with Ministry of Defence, Govt of India.
Located at the range hills in Kirki, Pune, Maharashtra, SIMS has the finest infrastructure among all the Pune based colleges. Fully residential campus with extra curricular avenues likes playing fields, olympic sized swimming pool & gymnasiums, the college prides itself on giving a wholesome lifestyle to its students. The classrooms serve as launching pad for new ideas; conference rooms are witness to brainstorming sessions; the EDP room is the hub of activity during seminars and workshops; study groups discourse freely on the lawns.
Postgraduate Management programs in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Systems, Telecom, Operations, International Business, Management Development Programs, Corporate Seminars & Events
– admissions at

University of Burdwan
The Department of Business Administration, at the University of Burdwan is located at the scenic and historical ambience of the Rose garden of the Burdwan Rajas in Rajbati, Bardhaman, West Bengal. The town is situated a little less than 100 km north-west of Kolkata and on the Grand Trunk Road (NH-2). The nearest airport is at Dumdum, Kolkata. Burdwan University is now in a position to offer courses on diverse disciplines. These include physical education, B.Ed., business, foreign languages, computer applications, population education, etc. There are also an Adult Continuing Education Center.
2 Year Master of Business Administration (MBA), Financial Management, Marketing, Operations Systems and Tourism Management.
– dgp_bdnuvcc at

Indo German Training Centre
The Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) is the educational and training initiative of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), the largest Chamber of Commerce in India with over 6,500 members. Established in 1991, IGTC imparts practice-oriented business administration programs, based on the German Dual System of Education. The main aim of IGTC is to fill the pressing lacuna of inadequate corporate exposure in management education. The focus on this 360 degree development for managers bears its pedigree from a system that is utterly German in origin – The Dual System of Education.
The Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) at IGTC is a uniques 18-month full time program based on the German Dual System of education. The program consists of four theoritical phases(equivalent to 12 months) at the center and three practical training phases (equivalent to 6 months) in world-class host German and Indian companies such as BASF india Ltd., Bayer Ltd., Bharat Forge Ltd., Daimler Chrysler India Pvt. Ltd., MICO Bosch Group, Siemens Ltd., to name a few. Academic faculty and corporate training heads equally shoulder the responsibility of developing, shaping and molding young minds to become competent business professionals of the future.
Tel: +91-22-22822002/ 22834773
Fax: +91-22-22853941
– information at

Indian Institute of Plantation Management
The Indian Institute of Plantation Management in Bangalore (IIPM) is committed to the cause of strengthening competitive advantage of the agri-business and plantation sector by continuous improvement in management methods through management training, education and research. This Professional Management Course aims at providing management education to the entrants in the agri-business and plantation sector.
PGD-ABPM (post gratuation diploma in agri business and plantation management)
– info at

Institute of Productivity & Management
IPM is located about 30 miles from New Delhi, the capital city of India. Established in 1977 as a non profit institution to promote management education, research, training and consultancy. The institute is located in the industrial hub and networked with most software,hardware and manufacturing companies,who use the institute manpower to fulfill their requirements. The Institute inculcates in its students a systematic way of looking at problems and finding solutions to such problems.Students are encouraged to try out new ideas and question the established norms of business management.Emphasis is laid on discipline and punctuality. The Institute invited applications from foreign students to bring the much needed cultural diversity in the class rooms.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management-2 years, Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship -1 year
– info at

ICFAI National College
The ICFAI National College (INC), is committed to provide new career-oriented educational programs at the bachelor’s and the master’s degree levels. INC offers full-time campus-based programs in management, commerce and information technology. INC has set up 152 centers all over India. Thus, INC has a wide network covering many cities, towns and districts in India. The education methodology at INC includes lectures, discussions, cases, self study, field projects, simulations and other learning tools to ensure that the students master not only the basic tools and theories of the business, but can apply business know-how to real-life professional experiences.
Objectives include:
– To provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education for students.
– To facilitate students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices.
– To provide students with stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere to utilize a higher level of their intellectual capacity, required to specialize in the respective areas of study.
– To produce energetic, effective, efficient and ethical professionals to meet the desired needs of the dynamic world and serve the society.
BBA: Three Years, BCom: Three years (These programs are offered at Agartala, Dehradun, Gangtok, Hyderabad and Shimla INC Centers), Integrated MBA: Five years, (program is offered at Hyderabad, Vizag, Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore and Tirupati INC Centers), MBA: Two years (offered at 145 INC Centers all over India), MCA: Two years (offered at 8 INC Centers).
Ph.: 040-23430400, 478
Fax: 040-23430477
– admissions at
– enq at

International Management Institute (IMI)
International Management Institute (IMI) in New Delhi was setup with the vision to provide excellence in management education. Registered in 1981 in collaboration with IMI, Geneva (now IMD, Lausanne), it is an autonomous, non-profit society. Since then, it has been nurtured and brought to its present level of growth successfully fulfilling its mission of imparting excellence in learning supported by a code of ethics – the ultimate tools of leadership. IMI is located in the luxurious green environment of South Delhi that provide an ambience conducive to learning.
Two Year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)
Post Graduate Program in International Management (PGPIM)
Post Graduate Programme (Part-time) in Management (PGPM)
Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management (PGPHRM)
Fellowship Program in Management (FPM)
Postgraduate Diploma Program in Knowledge Management
Postgraduate Program in Change Leadership
Management Development Programmes (MDP)
Telephone – 2696-1437 / 3519 / 6143
– 2686-3701, 2652-8276 / 9237 / 9338 / 9239
– info at

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